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A person whose job involves preparing and serving different types of coffee is called a Barista. However, we consider ourselves the Baristas of Event Registration & Ticketing Websites!

Since April 2009, we have been primarily brewing... or instead, developing, a comprehensive event ticketing plugin for WordPress called Event Espresso, which is used to manage the event registration and ticketing needs of over 50,000 thousand event websites. However, over the years, we have come to the realization that many customers are left holding the bag when it comes to hosting, security, and updates to their WordPress website. Yes, you can pay someone upwards of $200 to $300 per month to maintain your site, but that involves hiring someone that is knowledgeable about WordPress, as well as trustworthy. Otherwise, you could be left with a hacked website or left with a ticketing solution that doesn't work and is not bringing in the revenue you were expecting.

In January 2014 we launched our powerful, hosted event ticketing system, Event Smart, to help alleviate some of those hosting headaches. We call this our Software as a Service (SaaS) ticketing solution. Over the past few years, Event Smart has saved ticket over 18,000 event managers and ticket vendors hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollars, when compared to other hosted solutions that charge high ticketing fees.

Many customers are now paying less in monthly hosting fees than they were paying in ticketing fees.

However, over the course of time, we found that customers needed or wanted various features, such as custom domain names and themes. Those options are not available in many of the hosted event platforms. So we set out to change that in 2017. Introducing Barista, a managed WordPress hosting and event ticketing platform by Event Espresso.

Consider Barista is a fusion of content management system (WordPress), ticketing software (Event Espresso), and web hosting, where you own the event website, the branding, and the customer data. In addition to that, this ticketing platform is portable, meaning you can take it with when you go. Just like that.

With Barista, you own website domain name, while we manage backups, caching, security, and software updates to WordPress. You can also choose to upload your plugins and theme, all for one low monthly price. We even offer services to keep your plugins updated for you, including the ability to roll back changes from backups. So, if something goes wrong after an update, we can quickly roll back to the previous version of the software, while your database stays intact.

Barista is open source, so you have access to the same powerful software that powers our platform.

Since Event Espresso (the ticketing software that comes with Barista hosting) and WordPress (the content management system) is open source, you can take Barista's open source ticketing solution with you, wherever you go. That means if your ticketing business takes off and you want to move onto a more powerful hosting platform, that's entirely possible, in just a few clicks.

Just let us know when you are done hosting with us, then we'll send you a copy of the database, which you can install on your server. After you have the database file, just install WordPress and any of the plugins you were using, then upload the database to your new server. 

Take control of transaction fees by bringing your own payment service provider

Finally, Barista gives you the freedom to use a wide range of payment methods, allowing for exceptional control over transaction fees and payment processing.


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