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Many of our customers were paying over $300 per month in ticketing & transactions fees when using Eventbrite to sell ticketsAre you one of them?

Most times, new event managers sell tickets on hosted solutions, such as cVent and Eventbrite, which is a great idea, when first starting out. However, what they do not realize, is that as their business grows, ticketing fees add up quickly. In addition to that, new and experienced event managers are feeling the pain when these companies play dirty tricks, like raising ticketing fees, marketing to their customers, and shutting off ticket sales or closing down their sites without warning.

We Believe in the Freedoms that Open Source Event Ticketing Provides

At our core business, Event Espresso, the open source ticketing plugin for WordPress, we hear from customers on almost a weekly basis that are paying exorbitant ticketing fees to Eventbrite. Unfortunately, the cost of selling tickets on the Eventbrite platform has grown recently, while many of the features remain the same. Leaving many event managers scratching their heads wondering what's next, as ticketing fees eat into their profits.

Just earlier this year, we reported on a quilting events and workshops company that is losing $21,000 in ticketing fees annually, by using Eventbrite. That means, if ticketing fees are increasing, the quilting company will stand to lose well over $40,000 in ticketing fees, next year.

Are you ready to ditch the exorbitant ticketing fees?

Not only can Barista's out-of-the-box, event ticketing service save you thousands in development costs, but it can help cut the time it takes to build a ticketing website down to just a few minutes while at the same time, getting rid of those pesky ticketing fees. With the Barista Single Shot hosting plan, you get the following website software, installed and ready to go.

Pre-installed Event Ticketing System

Sell tickets to events in just minutes

Pre-installed Complementary Software

Just the right tools to make your events a success

All the tools you need to sell tickets but without the ticketing fees
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