Don’t Get Punished with Surprise Charges When Your Site Succeeds

There’s nothing that crushes the sweet success of generating website traffic more than surprise overage charges. You’ve exceeded the plan limits of your traditional WordPress host for bandwidth, storage, CPUs, or RAM … and now it’s time to get out your wallet.

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That won’t happen to you with Barista

The reason you’re safe is the unique hybrid approach Barista takes to server infrastructure. It’s not your typical WordPress hosting environment.

The primary difference between a website builder (like Wix) and self-hosted WordPress is that with the former, you’re dealing with software as a service (SaaS), while the latter is … well, hosting. Not only is self-hosted WordPress a pain to deal with, it can also lead to unexpected surprises if you actually succeed.

In this sense, Barista is more like SaaS than hosting. You can set up your new WordPress site in just minutes on our server infrastructure that’s specifically optimized for peak WordPress performance.


That’s why we have two simple plans:

Single Shot Plan
is for event managers who are selling tickets to any size, shape, or type of events, such as classes, conferences, tournaments, and workshops. You have the freedom to install almost any plugin or theme you desire.

Double Shot Plan
is designed to handle the needs of power-users, that want control over design, features, and marketing. We provide the software to run tens, hundreds, or thousands of events.
Want more tools? Go ahead and install them!

Site speed and page load times are too important to be jammed on a box with hundreds of generic WordPress installs, which is what you get with traditional hosting.

More importantly, you’ll never face the experience of your site crashing just because you succeed in getting big traffic

But here’s the thing … not only do you enjoy superior speed and performance with either Barista plan, you also avoid the financial hassle of self-hosted WordPress, like those surprise expenses for bandwidth upcharges, storage, CPUs, and RAM.

Even as your Barista hosted site remains solid during surprise traffic spikes, you won’t pay extra for short-term success on the way to sustained higher traffic. It’s just one low, predictable price until you’re ready to move up.

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