How To Edit Your Domain’s DNS A Record

Connect your domain to Barista servers

In order to use your domain with your Barista website, you must point the domain’s “A record,” also called an “@ record,” to the to the IP address of your website on the Barista hosting service.

The A record is configured through your domain registrar and maps your domain to the right IP address so that when you enter into the address bar, your browser knows where to find your website. To find your domain settings and edit your A record:

  1. Log in to your domain registrar and find the DNS management section. See DNS Records Documentation For Your Registrar below for help with finding this section for popular domain registrars.
  2. In the DNS management section for your registrar, point the A record of your domain name (also denoted as “@”) to the IP address of your website. See What is My Site’s IP Address? below to find your IP.
  3. Check your other DNS records carefully. If you have an A record for “www”, that will also need to be pointed to your Barista website IP address. No changes are required if you see “www” set as a CNAME and pointed to “@” (without quotes).

Also, see Domain-Based Email Solutions for your Barista website for information on how to handle domain-based email addresses with Barista Sites.

DNS Records Documentation For Your Registrar

The following is a list of links to the documentation for several different domain registrars that show how to edit your DNS records. Use this list to find specific instructions for your particular registrar. If you don’t see your registrar on the list, look for the appropriate documentation on your registrar’s website.

Before you make changes, make note of your domain’s current A record in case you ever need to set it back or change hosting providers. You can use the WordPress Website Owner’s Emergency Checklist.

What is My Site’s IP Address?

You can find your IP address by logging into your Barista portal. Go to the Sites tab and click Domain Settings in the ““ menu for the site whose domain you want to edit as shown in the image below.